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Stigmabase is a non-profit internet initiative dedicated to informing and raising awareness on the damaging effects of social exclusion and stigma around the world

Stigmabase lists every week — 52 weeks per year — 1000 stories about social exclusion and its causes throughout the world — in 16 languages. Stigmabase hopes to be a vehicle for change and combat social exclusion throughout the world.

The Stigmabase initiative is part of a Multilateralism approach and rejects any populist, souverainism, nationalist, hate and fundamentalist doctrine. Stigmabase believes in A TOTAL equality between the sexes, races, cultures, and equal opportunities for all.

د. كمال اللبواني: الهمجية والدين

د. كمال اللبواني: الهمجية والدين
ولم يشهد التاريخ أن شعبا أو أقلية هربت من الاسلام واستنجدت بالشيطان … إلا في عصر الخليفة الجديد السني والإمام الفقيه الشيعي … فكل المسلمين وغيرهم، ...

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