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Stigmabase is a non-profit internet initiative dedicated to informing and raising awareness on the damaging effects of social exclusion and stigma around the world

Stigmabase lists every week — 52 weeks per year — 1000 stories about social exclusion and its causes throughout the world — in 16 languages. Stigmabase hopes to be a vehicle for change and combat social exclusion throughout the world.

The Stigmabase initiative is part of a Multilateralism approach and rejects any populist, souverainism, nationalist, hate and fundamentalist doctrine. Stigmabase believes in A TOTAL equality between the sexes, races, cultures, and equal opportunities for all.

(د. سعد بن حوفان الهاجري)


(د. سعد بن حوفان الهاجري)
هناك جيل جديد بدأ يغير الشرق الأوسط، تجاهله سيعقد الأمور، ويجعل من الصعوبة بمكان أن تتقدم أي دولة وتنهض، وسوف يستمر التراجع والتفكك لأي نظام يعمد إلى ...

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